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WELCOME to Coastal Neighbors Network

Not many things are more important in our lives than a sense of belonging to a community. For most of our lives we move in and out of various communities like school groups, sports, work and professional associations, neighborhoods, religious affiliations and friends. Some groups may seem to stay the same as we age, but others definitely change as we move into different stages of life. As we reach "senior" status and may need more help to do the simple tasks required to live independently, we need a new community where we can find assistance and a social network when necessary. 

Coastal Neighbors Network is a community of seniors organized into a virtual village. From Boston to Boise, people who want to stay in their own homes and live a safe, full and meaningful life are enjoying the benefits of the national village movement, the resources it delivers and the community it builds. Every Village shares the same core values and vision, but each one reflects the uniqueness of its own neighborhood.

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