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Benefits of Membership

The "Village movement" has been sweeping the nation due to the growing senior population. It addresses the fundamental desire of older adults to remain in their homes and neighborhoods. Coastal Neighbors Network is a virtual village centered in Dartmouth and Westport Massachusetts assisting seniors to maintain connections to friends and community through the use of volunteer services. However, a ride is more than a ride and changing a light bulb does more than increase the light in the room. Of all the benefits Coastal Neighbors offers, the best may be the sense of wellbeing that comes with expanding connections, building new friendships, and knowing you are part of a community who cares.

What services does Coastal Neighbors Network membership offer?

  • TRANSPORTATION: Volunteer drivers provide rides to medical appointments, stores, markets, fitness centers, deliveries, pet to vet.
  • SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIES: Coastal Neighbors organizes group outings to movies, lectures, gallery exhibits, concerts and classes.  Smaller gatherings will include book and discussion groups, listening to live music, dining out. 
  • HEALTH CONNECTIONS: Coastal Neighbors is not a health care provider, but can assist members with referrals for doctors, therapists, in-home health care, medical equipment, home modifications (grab bars), help with insurance forms.
  • HOME MAINTENANCE: Coastal Neighbors connects members with vendors for interior and exterior repairs. Coastal Neighbors volunteers provide help with simple chores where a professional is not needed, such as lightbulb or filter changes, storm door inserts.



Membership Application Process

You may indicate your interest by filling out an Online Information Form. You can choose to become a Sustaining Member ($350/year), a Single Member ($660/year) or a Household Member ($900/year). Sustaining members are able to participate in all of our social activities. Single or Household members, in addition to our social activities, will be eligible to receive services from our volunteers such as those mentioned above.

We also offer a Short-Term Membership for 3 months for those interested in trying our services. A Reduced Fee Membership is available for anyone qualified. Please send us a message.

After submitting your application, our executive director will contact you to set up a time to meet to discuss your needs and our policies.

Payment will be made after the application is finalized.


Coastal Neighbors Network, P.O. Box 80073, Dartmouth, MA 02748
508.556.4004  -