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  Frequently Asked Questions  
  What is Coastal Neighbors Network?  
  • Coastal Neighbors Network (CNN) is a community-based, nonprofit membership organization that provides services and information to enable Dartmouth residents to live safely, independently, and comfortably in their own homes.
  • It’s one of a growing number of Villages across the country that offers older adults options for staying at home and staying active even after transportation and household chores become difficult or dangerous – the point at which many people leave the community they love.
  • Our mission is to enable Dartmouth residents 50 and over to remain at home and to stay connected through a range of services provided by volunteers and approved vendors. We are dedicated to the concept of “Aging in Place.”
  Why is CNN needed?  
  • Dartmouth’s older population is skyrocketing. According to 2010 census figures, there were roughly 11,000 people between the ages of 50 and 85. Today, that number has jumped to 14,547, a 32% increase. This segment of our population represents 43% of our town’s residents. CNN supports residents who want to remain safe and active in our community.
  • Our community is blessed with several excellent organizations that serve the elderly. But they cannot provide all the services all the time to all the people. CNN helps our members to access existing services.
  • CNN adds a layer of personal support and connections to existing services. We create a community of friendship for our members.
  How is CNN organized?  
  • CNN formed in 2015, incorporated in 2016 and received 501(c)(3) status in November 2016. Our organization launched in September 2017.
  • CNN is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and operated by a paid Director, Andy Pollock, and volunteers from the community.
  • Board members:  Kate Fentress, Chair, Nancy Kurtz, Treasurer & Secretary, Steve Kiechel, Vice Chair, Kim Goddard, Gretchen Graef, Margot Hand, Margaret Jones, Lisa Mellgard, Dock Murdock, and Paula Walsh.
  Who are CNN volunteers?  
  • Our volunteers are your neighbors and friends – caring individuals who believe in the Village concept and who will most likely become members themselves.
  • They are passionate about helping neighbors remain connected to friends and familiar surroundings.
  • All CNN volunteers undergo background checks and have valid driver’s licenses.
  • CNN carries insurance to cover the services provided by our volunteers.
  • If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact a Board Member.
  Who are CNN-approved service providers?  
  • CNN has a database of approved vendors who embrace the Village concept and who offer competitive prices.
  • Like a localized “Angie’s List,” these trusted vendors are electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, chimney sweeps, computer wizards, landscapers, handymen.
  • As CNN membership grows, there’s the possibility that our vendors could offer discount pricing.
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